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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gender Reveal Parties

It's funny, when I first heard the term, Gender Reveal Party, I thought, hmmm, is that a party for people getting a sex change?  I had no idea that it was a term for one of the most special events of our lives....finding out the gender of your new little bundle of joy.  I remember when I found out the sex of my second child (we waited for the birth on our first), it was so exciting.  And how great would it have been to share that moment with all our friends and family?

Another ambiguous term for gender reveal parties, is Team Green.  Again, I would have thought that this would have something to do with the green movement in becoming environmentally friendly, but again, I was wrong.  Usually, we choose pink for girls and blue for boys, so green was supposed to be the neutral colour for not knowing the sex of your baby.

I only stumbled upon this term and idea for a baby shower from a fellow Zazzler in the forums who mentioned that this is becoming a popular trend.  Definitely an interesting trend.  Unfortunately, I won't be having anymore babies, but perhaps I will get to attend one of these parties in the near future.

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Green postage - gender reveal - baby shower - cherry blossom