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Monday, June 13, 2011

Purple Star Award for Best Wedding Invitations Lens

Today was an exciting day in Squidoo world.  I only just started making lenses at Squidoo just over a week ago and I just won a Purple Star Award.  This is a big deal.  They only give out 1000 of these per year and there are over a million lenses on Squidoo.  This is my second lens ever, mind you, I worked very hard at it.  The award winner is my first ever Best Customizable Wedding Invitation Templates lens.

This lens actually features one of my past wedding set designs for the lens image.  I designed this image, using one of my favourite artist's floral paint brushes, Mel's Brushes.  She has some fantastic designs that are perfect for manipulating and adding great features to my wedding designs.

Although many of the designs on my wedding invitation lens are my own, there is a large amount that are not.  I think that if I'm making a lens about the best wedding invitations, that I choose amongst the wide selection that exists online.

I'm looking forward to extending my wedding lens into more specific topics.  In the future, I plan to create a classic colours lens that will feature invitations with response cards and thank you cards.  I would also like to create a colourful wedding set lens and a destination invitations lens.

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  1. What beautiful Desings, and I love your collection too i look forward to following you