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Monday, June 13, 2011

1st Blog

I figured for my first post, I would tell you about my Zazzle store, Pam's Designs.  I specialize in designing Wedding Stationary, Business Cards, party invitations, and occasionally I like to dabble in some fun things like IPhone Cases and Doodle Speakers.

Florist-Business Card-Elegant-Blue-White-Floral
I really enjoy Zazzle.  It's so much fun making new designs.  I can be as creative as I feel.  Sometimes, I will simply go around my yard taking pictures of my gardens and make a business card out of it. 

This florist forget me not business card is an example of me just having fun, shooting pictures in my yard.  I find it really amazing that you can do such neat effects with software these days. 

I find that I mostly go back and forth between Wedding Sets and Invitations and Business Cards.  When I feel like designing something elegant, I will usually go with a wedding design and when I feel edgy, I'll usually go with a business card design.  I find there's so much diversity that you can do.  I have a wide array of business cards from sleek and professional to elegant to modern and edgy to fun and exciting.  I think that one thing I would say all these cards have in common, is that they are all unique.  I think that is what the consumer is looking for.  To stand out from the competition.Makeup Artist Business Card-Bold-Zebra Print
Family Dentist-Business Card-Happy Teeth
My happy teeth design was actually one of my first designs.  I drew the teeth freehand, not realizing all the useful tools that were available to me.  But with time, you learn lots of tricks for designing.
The other cards posted on this blog are more recent.  The chandelier business card uses a lot of different and advanced design features.  I've added sparkle, depth, and shadow to this design.  I also used a neat tool, called the paths tool, to draw the curved, dotted lines.  It's actually pretty easy once you learn how to use it.

The lawyer business card also contains a lot of neat design elements.  This design uses many layers, uses special positioning tools to draw the plaque, transparencies and layers to design the ribbon along with the background.

Law-Business Card-Black-Stylish-Lawyer-AttorneyI've found with time, my designs have become more detailed.  They contain several design elements, where my original designs only contained a few.  I think that having all those layers of depth really adds to the design.

I'm really curious to see how far my designs have come in a year.  It will be really neat to compare them.

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