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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Creating a Niche Lens

top masculine business cardsI've been told that it is a good idea to create a niche on Squidoo.  So what is a niche?  It is a compilation of related lenses that you link together.  I've been told it is good to make 6 linked lenses.

So far, I have made 2 linked lenses in the business card category.  My first was Best Business Cards Online, in which I focused on various occupations and focused my business cards on those occupations.  I noticed that the word top was searched quite often and someone was looking for masculine business cards.  This is the driving force behind my second lens, Top Masculine Business Cards.

It definitely takes awhile to make a niche.  Just one lens takes several hours if not days to make.  I say days, because I am constantly updating my lenses and making changes.  Yes, it only takes hours to make the initial lens, but for it to be a great lens, it takes so much longer.

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