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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glowing Ice Cream & Bakery Business Cards

glowing ice cream business card
I'm so excited.  I've been really diving into my Gimp program lately and I'm discovering how to draw the coolest things.  I'm even learning how to do lighting effects on things.  In this business card, I've done lighting and shading on the ice cream products as if the sun is hitting them from the right and they are shadowed on the left.  I think it really gives dimension to them.  I'm loving the glowing effects too.  The swirls were really neat to create.  I like the glowing spidery things too.  I didn't realize how many cool things I could create with that program.

I enjoy drawing my frames too.  It's nice to really start getting a grasp of things.  And it's especially nice to be able to say that I created almost my entire product.  The only thing I didn't draw myself was the ice cream treats, but I did alter them quite a bit.  I added sprinkles, gave lighting effects, and changed colours.

Here are a few of my other recent glowing designs.

Trendy Teal & Black Amazing Cupcake Business CardSpectacular Pink Swirl Cupcake Business CardModern Glowing Bakery & Cupcake Business CardModern Glowing Bakery & Ice Cream Business Card

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bakery & Cupcake Business Cards

cookie bakery business card
A friend of mine recommended that I start creating some bakery business cards, so here are some of my newest designs.  I'm actually finding this to be pretty fun.  You can get really cute with these designs.  The rest of my shop usually focuses on elegant and professional designs, so this is a lot of fun.   I love the whimsical effects in the Sweet Shoppe design.

Here are a few other recent designs.  I really like the Leopard Print business card as well.  I think it would be great for a high end bakery.  Perhaps one that caters to weddings.

leopard print cupcake business carddots and swirls cupcake business card
teal and purple swirl-cupcake business cardred barn board - bakery business card - leafy vines

You can check out all my other bakery business cards at my Zazzle Shop.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Store Design

I made some big changes today.  I decided to change my "Pam's Designs" store dramatically today.  It definitely takes quite a bit of time.  I redesigned my banner, my logo, my category icons on the front page, and inputted a background image along the sides of my store using CSS coding (yet more coding to learn).

It's nice to finally have a good grasp on my photo editting program and a keener eye for detail.  I think this will be the last time I edit my store.  I really like this one.  After I had completed my storefront a few months ago, I was never fully satisfied with it.  This one passed the test.  If I go in the other room for awhile and walk in later and take a glimpse of the screen and think, 'Wow, that's really nice,' then it's a keeper.

It was funny, when I first started designing, I would leave the room, come back and think, 'That's really not very good.'  At least I can be honest with myself.  It's hard not to be biased.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Destination Wedding Invitations

best destination wedding invitations-template-tropical wedding-beach wedding-invitations-invitation
Wow, I was up pretty late last night creating my newest lens, but it was well worth it. This one really makes me want to go on a vacation. It's a good thing we have one planned for next May. Yes, it's a ways away, but when you have kids, going anywhere at all is exciting.

I had a blast finding all these great destination wedding invitations.  There are some really great designs.  Here it is,  The Best Destination Wedding Invitation Templates Online.

I didn't have too many of my own designs to feature in this lens, but I did have a few that I am quite proud of.  Some friends of our are getting married in the tropics, so I got to make their wedding invitation.  I was so honoured to have that opportunity.

Here is the invitation that I made for them:

tropical invitation-hummingbird-destination wedding-wedding-invitation-flower-floral

Here are a couple others that I really like:

Wedding Invitation-Floral-Tropical-DestinationDestination Wedding Invitation Passport & Hibiscus