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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Destination Wedding Invitations

best destination wedding invitations-template-tropical wedding-beach wedding-invitations-invitation
Wow, I was up pretty late last night creating my newest lens, but it was well worth it. This one really makes me want to go on a vacation. It's a good thing we have one planned for next May. Yes, it's a ways away, but when you have kids, going anywhere at all is exciting.

I had a blast finding all these great destination wedding invitations.  There are some really great designs.  Here it is,  The Best Destination Wedding Invitation Templates Online.

I didn't have too many of my own designs to feature in this lens, but I did have a few that I am quite proud of.  Some friends of our are getting married in the tropics, so I got to make their wedding invitation.  I was so honoured to have that opportunity.

Here is the invitation that I made for them:

tropical invitation-hummingbird-destination wedding-wedding-invitation-flower-floral

Here are a couple others that I really like:

Wedding Invitation-Floral-Tropical-DestinationDestination Wedding Invitation Passport & Hibiscus

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