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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glowing Ice Cream & Bakery Business Cards

glowing ice cream business card
I'm so excited.  I've been really diving into my Gimp program lately and I'm discovering how to draw the coolest things.  I'm even learning how to do lighting effects on things.  In this business card, I've done lighting and shading on the ice cream products as if the sun is hitting them from the right and they are shadowed on the left.  I think it really gives dimension to them.  I'm loving the glowing effects too.  The swirls were really neat to create.  I like the glowing spidery things too.  I didn't realize how many cool things I could create with that program.

I enjoy drawing my frames too.  It's nice to really start getting a grasp of things.  And it's especially nice to be able to say that I created almost my entire product.  The only thing I didn't draw myself was the ice cream treats, but I did alter them quite a bit.  I added sprinkles, gave lighting effects, and changed colours.

Here are a few of my other recent glowing designs.

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