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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fall and Winter Weddings

It seems strange creating wedding designs for fall and winter when if feels like summer has just started.  However, people generally send out their wedding invitations only a few months in advance, so it is time to start creating a few designs that cater to these seasons.

I thought this leafy design was really cute.  It took awhile to design the leafy background.  Unfortunately, I didn't have one on file, so to the drawing board I went.  It's nice though once you have your layout and design all figured out.  From there, it's simple changing of colours.  I love the select by colour tool.  It is one of my favourite tools.  And of course, who could possibly design without layers.  Occasionally, I will forget to save my file with my layers.  It's so disappointing when I have to go back to edit something or change colours, to find out that I have to start over again.

Looking back at old designs, I'm happy to see that I definitely have some designs that suit the fall and winter seasons.  Here are some of my favourites.

Wedding Invitation - Black & Red Damask FloralThank You Wedding Postcard Sage Green White DamaskWedding Invitation Classy Brown Gold FloralWedding Invitation Black & Gold Shimmer FloralWedding Invitation Silver Sparkle Floral SwirlsWedding Invitation Charcoal Grey Victorian Floral

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