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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fine Tuning

Once in awhile, I simply have to dedicate my time to fine tuning my store.

I noticed the other day, when I was looking through Zazzle stores for wedding invitations for my Best Wedding Invitation Templates' Squidoo Lens, that it was much easier to navigate the page and I was more willing to use these people's designs when they posted pictures of what was in the folders.  I realized that this is something that I have yet to do in my own store.  So, today is the day, that I dedicate to sprucing up my store.  Here is my progress so far... Floral Invitations

This is an example of one of the category icons.  I think it really makes a big difference from the standard folder.  Plus it makes browsing much easier.

Since I posted this photo on my BLOG, I've actually made more changes....fine tuning the fine tuning.  Revised Floral Invitations.

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